La Canela
  • Tomato and onion Coca
  • Roasted red sweet pepper coca
  • Ham, cheese and mushroom coca
  • Breaded meat paste
  • Breaded roasted sweet peppers
  • Breaded chicken
  • Tuna Cocarrois
  • Meat puff pastry
  • Tuna puff pastry
  • Chicken and leek puff pastry
  • Wild mushroom and chicken puff pastry
  • Ham and cheese puff pastry
  • Cheese puff pastry
  • Salmon and sorrel puff pastry
  • Goat cheese and spinach puff pastry
  • Goat cheese and leek puff pastry
  • Cod puff pastry
  • Ham, cheese and tomato pastries
  • Ham and cheese croissant
  • Cured ham croissant
  • Russian salad croissant
  • Tuna croissant
  • Ham and cheese triangle
  • Galician tuna spiral pastry
  • Galician meat spiral pastry
  • Whole wheat turkey and cheese croissant
  • Whole grain cured ham and cheese croissant
  • Whole grain york ham and cheese croissant
  • Whole grain Florentine chine and cheese croissant
  • Individual serving ham and cheese quiche
  • Individual serving tuna quiche
  • Individual serving leek quiche
  • Individual serving vegetable quiche
  • Individual serving ham and wild mushroom quiche
  • Individual serving asparagus and shrimp quiche
  • Individual serving salmon and vegetable quiche
  • Individual serving goat cheese and spinach quiche
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    C/ Aragn 54, IBIZA Tel. 971 30 50 40 Open from Monday to Saturday from 6:00 h. to 21:00 h. - Sunday from 7:00 h. to 15:00 h.
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